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Lead Optimization

Real-Time Lead Optimization

Qualify your leads. Instantly.

How are you optimizing your leads and existing database? The ability to qualify leads at the point of contact is essential to successful marketing. And it’s never been easier or faster. Datamyx offers Real-Time Lead Optimization, the industry’s most comprehensive tool for online verification, screening, offer-matching, and prioritizing of leads. 

We’ve combined the power of our proprietary scores with our secure, web-based technology platform. Real-Time Lead Optimization enables you to: 

  • Maximize conversions
  • Increase your universe of qualified leads
  • Improve your lead buys
  • Reject poorer leads 
  • Instantly segment incoming leads 
  • Match offers and channels
  • Increase web and call center efficiency
  • Route to the optimal sales department or station 

Improve Conversions Up to 30%, ROI up to 40%

Boost sales conversions—both online and in the call center—by instantly appending relevant data and scoring at the moment of contact. As you receive leads, they are instantly prioritized by their eligibility and level of need. Then the leads are routed to the appropriate sales department. Clients who use Real-Time Lead Optimization have experienced conversion boosts of up to 30% and ROI gains of up to 40%.

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How Lead Optimization Works

Datamyx will work with you to help you get maximum ROI out of every lead. Whether you’re looking to produce one simple improvement, such as intelligently reducing your lead buy, or want to optimize your entire conversion process, we will help you design and deploy the right scoring algorithms and lead qualification process to dramatically ramp up your success.


  1. Leads are validated for accuracy 
  2. Data is appended to determine eligibility and responsiveness 
  3. Leads are screened based on pre-established criteria 
  4. Leads are prioritized and routed 
  5. Lead-to-sale conversions are dramatically improved


Real-Time Lead Optimization In Action


Mortgage >

A major lender confirms product eligibility and loan-to-value ratio to route the best leads to the appropriate sales desk.

Bank & Credit Union >

Financial institutions instantly segment incoming leads for offer matching and sales routing.

Insurance >

A leading health insurance provider uses tiered pricing to maximize the lifetime value of every lead it buys.

Automotive >

Automotive dealers and OEMs can instantly flag top leads based on credit worthiness, need and other criteria.

Consumer Services >

An energy company confirms lead identity and eligibility to determine whether to request a new customer deposit.

Education >

Education marketers can identify next best offer to maximize conversion.


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